3 Video Marketing Tactics

We create videos seemingly everyday. I love to create videos for clients as well as for my own business.  We just moved into an office space with a video studio in Cooper City, Florida.  If you live in South Florida and need some video marketing, we can help you get the exposure your product, service or business needs.

Video marketing is the best way to get traffic online. It is the gift that keeps on giving and they are like a loyal friend who is just waiting to tell people about your product or service.  If you know how to optimize a video, your video can really get a lot of attention which is great.  There are many ways that you can optimize a video online and the more advanced methods really depend on what platform you are trying to market on. For example, Youtube provides you with the ability to add tags, location, closed caption and other elements that can help people find you on Youtube.  Facebook also has a platform that allows you to put videos but discourages the use of hashtags or tags and may even limit the reach of your videos.

The purpose of this post is not to get into the granular tactical details of video marketing but to share with you 3 video marketing tactics that you can do that will help your videos be seen more often.  I have prepared this video for you:

Video Description

Learn how you can increase engagement on your videos. Having a video that gets a lot of traffic will really help set your online business on fire. Here are three of my top video marketing tactics.

1. Keep your videos short. Unless you are telling an emotional story, try to keep your videos to less than 2 minutes.

2. Use some visual graphics to capture the attention of your viewers. Using lower third closed caption titles are a great method that a lot of internet savvy marketers utilize.

3. Plan on using a version of video on multiple platforms. This will allow you to shoot one video and use it on all the social media platforms. Learn to work smarter, not harder.

If you need a professional video for you business, contact us by visiting our website.

Thanks for watching.

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