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How to Build a Website

A Comprehensive Guide On How to Build a Website

If this is your first time building a website, it can be terrifying at first. The truth is, getting your first website out there isn’t as scary as you’d imagine it to be. There are over 200 million websites online, and the majority of those are made by regular people just like you. Ordinary people who do not have a background in website design and development.

As mentioned earlier, creating a website isn’t as scary and as difficult as it used to be, that’s all thanks to the advancements in technology. That means that regular folks, even those who haven’t yet tried building one can come up with a great-looking website either for personal or business use. This can be done given that you have the right tools.

However, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help you or at least provide assistance to you as you build your website just so you won’t waste time and energy.

Choosing Your Website’s Platform

The very first thing that you have to take into consideration is choosing the platform where you’ll build your website on. To name a few platforms are DrupalJoomla, and the most popular is WordPress. All of these do not require any coding from your end.

The platform you’ll choose depends on your needs. What will you use a website for? Are you planning on building an online store? Is it for a business website? Or do you want to create personal space for your thoughts through a blog?

Setting Up Your Hosting And Domain Name

After taking into consideration the platform, the next thing you need to do is to look for a hosting provider and get ready to get a domain name.

How To Choose Your Domain Name

Your domain name is like your business or home address. This is how your visitors will be able to find you, as your domain name is the unique address they need to input in their browser to find your website.

When thinking of a domain name, you have to ask yourself these questions:

Does the domain name match the content that you’re planning to have? There’s no point in getting a domain name that says “RaysPorkBarbeque.com” if you’re planning on building a page for vegan customers.

Is the domain name short? Remember, you want people to remember your domain name. Your goal is to make sure that your domain name is short to avoid misspellings, easy to remember, and type.

Is the domain name easy to spell? Again, we want people to easily remember your domain so you’d want to avoid using words that are difficult to spell. The last thing that you wish to would be directing people to a site that isn’t your own.

Are you using the appropriate domain extension? .com is the most common extension these days, and a variety of choices may be available to you. If you’re an organization, choose a .org extension. Use the options available and be creative with your domain name and extension.

While thinking of domain names can be fun, it can also lead to frustration. Whatever great domain name you have in mind, there are chances that it may have already been taken. Use your imagination, replace words with synonyms, and be creative when coming up with a domain name. You can also use abbreviations to help you secure your domain name.

No matter what your process is for choosing your domain name, it should completely represent your business.

Finding A Website Hosting Plan That Suits Your Needs

Once you’ve found an available domain name, the next step now involves choosing the right hosting provider. If you’re planning on building a bigger website, then you need a plan with more advanced features. If you’re thinking of building a small one, then the basic plan will suffice until you’ve decided you wanted to upgrade.

When you’re looking for a hosting provider, here are some of the things you want to take into account:

Size – How much space is allocated to you when you’re building a site?

Security – Does the hosting provider offer additional security features to make sure that your site is safe from malware and hackers?

Speed – This is an important factor, and you’d want to know how fast your website will load with their hosting plan.

Support – Whenever you needed backend and customer support, how often are they available to help you?

How to Build a Website
How to Build a Website

Before, hosting plans used to be expensive, but because of the increasingly growing number of companies offering the same service. They are now becoming cheaper and more affordable, even for start-up businesses and hobbyists.

Why Choose WordPress?

There are different ways to create a website, and one of the oldest ways of doing so is manually writing code, line by line until you have an entire website and structure built. You can also purchase software that converts and writes the code on your behalf, or make use of a CMS or content management system that lets you drag and drop content.

There are numerous platforms available out there, but WordPress is highly sought after, even by professional web designers and developers – and for a good reason. It’s the simplest, yet the fastest way to develop a website that allows customizations depending on your needs.

There’s no need to write HTML or CSS codes. There are thousands of themes that you can literally choose from to help you come up with a site that offers the feel and the theme that you want to portray for your business.

As a matter of fact, because of its popularity, you can easily find support in case you come across some speed bumps while creating your site. There are forums where you can ask your questions, tutorials are all over YouTube, and there are a lot of articles that will give you the support that you’re looking for.

If there’s a specific functionality that you want to be added on your site, you can also do so by adding plugins.

Another great thing about WordPress is that it doesn’t cost anything to install the platform. Once you’ve successfully installed WordPress on your site, you now have one of the most feature-rich platforms that you can take advantage of to help build your website.

There are a lot of things that you can do with the help of WordPress – and even have the same access and tools that even professional web designers and developers make use of. You can choose from a wide range of plugins for your site, some are paid, and some are free. These plugins allow you to customize your website, add specific features, and make it do whatever you wanted your website to do without even touching a single line of code.

But remember, if you feel like all of these are overwhelming, you always have the option to hire a WordPress developer to help you out and make things easier on your end.

Setting up and creating a website in 2019 isn’t as tough as it used to be. With WordPress, matched with excellent hosting services, the limit to your success is where your motivation would lead you. And if ever, by all means, require assistance, remember that our team of South Florida Web Development specialists are always a click, call, or email away. Get your name out there and go start building a website that you and your entire business will be proud of.