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What is PPC?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is a form of direct response digital advertising used to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. (Our Adwords Specialists pictured are Owen, Ray and John)

PPC is also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Most commonly used on Google, Facebook, Bing, and Linkedin. Google alone counts over 2 trillion search each year, many people use Google several times a day – usually when they are seeking information, products, and services. Use PPC advertising to show up in the moment your ideal customer needs the service you offer.

If you are familiar with PPC, or have some experience using it and want to improve your marketing – please contact us HERE.


What does Pay-Per-Click mean?

PPC means you only pay when your ad is clicked on. Using the right strategy and effective ad copy will ensure that you are only paying when your ideal customer finds and clicks on your ad.

Even in competitive markets like South Florida you should be allocating a portion of your marketing dollars to PPC. If you do your research, review the data that comes in and make adjustments accordingly than your investment should pay off. Think Big Websites can choose the correct platform for your business type and start managing your PPC campaign, usually within 72 hours.

Pay-per-click advertising is proven to reliably generate ROI for family owned businesses, chains, and big brands. PPC is a reliably profitable marketing channel for business industries, whether B2C advertising or B2B. If you are seeking new qualified leads, new website visitors, or trying to increase revenue and sales – PPC advertising needs to be a part of your marketing mix.

What are the Benefits of PPC?

PPC advertising can help accomplish business goals such as:

  • Boosting Traffic To Your Website
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Collect Valuable Data From Your Customers
  • Bring Potential Customers Back To Your Website
  • Generate Qualified Leads
  • Generate Revenue

Don’t play a guessing game.

With PPC advertising, you are in control. From the keywords and targeting you set up to how much budget to allocate. Pay-per-click advertising is one of the fastest ways to set up a marketing campaign and generate immediate results.

More benefits of PPC advertising are transparency, track-ability, and measurable returns. The best way to use PPC is by setting conversion goals such as form fill or purchases. Then optimize toward the customer journey that generated the most positive ROI based on your goals.

For Example:
While every click may cost a few cents or several dollars, the lifetime customer value of a new customer’s visit to your website is often higher than the cost per click. If the cost of a click is $2 but a new customer ended up spending $20 on your product/service, then your PPC investment would generate a 10x return.

This is extremely beneficial for small businesses because it levels the playing field. Every business shares the same search results pages, giving you the opportunity to place your ad in front of the ideal audience in the moment the need for your product/service arises – alongside and above your competition.

We can report on how many people visited your website and which visitors are qualified leads or completed a purchase. With this data, we can accurately measure your business’s return on investment. This conversion data helps us make informed, data-driven decisions in how we optimize your ad campaigns.

How to be Successful with PPC?

At Think Big Websites, we have a team of Google Trained and Certified PPC Experts. Our team uses best practices and data-driven optimizations to maximize the return your marketing campaign generates.

The foundation of a PPC campaign is keyword targeting. Effective keyword research can be time consuming, but is invaluable. Our team will start with market and keyword research, learning about your business and what your customers need. From the basics to the most advanced optimizations, our team will build robust negative keyword lists, location targeting and exclusions, and split test ad copy and targeting. This may sound complicated, but this is the tip of the iceberg.

PPC has many benefits and there is little risk testing a campaign. You will gain access to a volume of data and learn how to move the needle with your marketing.

That’s where Think Big Websites comes in.

Simply put: We provide expert level PPC campaign management.

We offer a FREE 30 PPC AUDIT or review of your current PPC campaigns.

If you’ve noticed ads on Google at some point in the past 20 years than you’re familiar with PPC. Heck you might have even been inclined to click on a few ads yourself. Google Ads are the most used PPC advertising system and the most used search engine. PPC Advertising allows you to drive visitors to your website, fill your funnel with new leads, and generate revenue.

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There is a lot that goes into building a successful PPC campaign and even more than goes into daily, weekly and monthly maintenance to ensure it remains successful in an ever-changing market. As a business owner, your focus should be first and foremost providing a quality product or service. Our marketing experts can be in your corner, helping you grow and focus on running your business.

Schedule a meeting with Think Big Websites PPC Team and let’s start driving Traffic, Leads and Sales to your business. We look forward to talking with you!