WordPress Security Tips

Keeping your website secure should be one of your top priorities. Think Big Websites builds 99% of their websites using WordPress and utilize only the best software to prevent unauthorized access and reduce the possibility of being hacked. Most hackers are only interested in defacing your website and causing you embarrassment. However, certain websites can’t afford this type of attack.

Here are two important WordPress security tips you should highly consider implementing if you have decided to create a website on your own using WordPress.

Here are a few critical safety items that you need to be aware of.

Your WordPress Username:

wordpress login screenFirst, you need to make sure that you don’t use “Admin” for your username. This is a default setting on many wordpress installations and it leaves your website vulnerable to attack. By leaving the username as “Admin” you have given a potential hacker half the combination to your dashboard. So, make sure you use a unique username.

Your WordPress Password:

generating a strong passwordThe second important aspect of creating your website with wordpress is to make sure you use a strong password. Gone are the days of using your pet’s name or your birthday. Hackers use very powerful software that try every name in the book, every word in the dictionary and every combination of the two. So make sure you have a very strong password. To create a strong password you can use a website such as strong password generator.

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