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Would you believe us if we told you that using hashtags on Instagram to grow your following is an art? Well, if not an actual art, it sure is a skill. And, just like any other skill, you can learn it by knowing the theory behind it and practicing it for some time. 

Worried it might be too complicated for you? That’s what we’re here for. Read our handy guide to discover some great tips and tricks on how to increase your engagement rate on Instagram through the use of hashtags.

How Many Hashtags?

Right, let’s begin with some housekeeping. One of the top questions that most Instagram newbies have refers to the number of hashtags allowed per post. In the case of Instagram, we’re talking about 30 hashtags.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you HAVE to use all of them; it’s just the limit. Less is more when it comes to hashtags, and most brands seem to use in between two and five. 

Do you really want to add lots of them? It’s fine, but don’t clutter your caption. Place the majority of your hashtags in your first comment. 

Identify Your Niche, and Speak to It

If you want to use hashtags to promote your brand and products, then you’ll need to narrow down your audience. Zoom into your niche, and you will immediately be on the radar of like-minded users (read: potential customers).

For example, are you a fitness studio offering pre and post-natal exercise classes? Then, generic hashtags such as #fitness or #workouts might not hit the spot that well. Try something super-specific, like #postnatalbody, #prenatalfitness, #workoutmoms, and the like, and see your visibility and engagement soar.

Be Bold: Create Your Own Branded Hashtags on istagram

Why not be a bit more daring and creative, when choosing your hashtags? Many companies use their own brand name as a hashtag, sometimes declined in different and playful ways. 

You could try and go down this route, too, and increase brand awareness by promoting your business through custom hashtags. Not quite sure how to do this in practice? A specialized social media agency will be able to help.

Keep an Eye on the Most Popular Trends

What are people (AKA: your audience) talking about right now? What are they interested in? What topics and conversations are your competitors engaging in with their own following?

If you want to up your hashtag game, then it’s a good idea to always be in the know. There are many ways to achieve that, but the best one is working with a specialized agency like Think Big Websites.

Unlock the Potential of Hashtags on Instagram

Now that you know some of the best ways to use hashtags on Instagram, you can get working on expanding your following and promoting your brand.

Are you still feeling a bit unsure as to whether you’ll be able to achieve this on your own? No worries. Get in touch with our expert social media team, and we’ll be happy to help you!